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Not sure what is available, where to start or what to do? 
Resource Navigation will get you started on the path to answers.When a child is diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay parents need a compass and continuing assistance to determine the best options for their child.

Hanover Arc works with children,  adults and  family members throughout their lifespan in areas including:

  • finding & accessing services and resources
  • Medicaid Waivers, respite
  • educational scholarships
  • recreation
  • employment
  • residential supports
  • transportation
  • equipment
  • educational workshops
  • emergency assistance.

On the advice of a friend we contacted Hanover Arc and got immediate help to start figuring out what we could do to help our son and relieve the mounting stress. Hanover Arc immediately provided us with  information, guidance and support. We are grateful that Hanover Arc is here for us and so many others and that they will be here for our family in the future” – Suzanne and Dave Smith”